Instituto Aysén uses the expertise and the uniqueness of the resources within the region of Patagonia, within Chile and the world. The institute partners with natural allies including the local people and economy, creating an organization internationally recognized and reflecting the pride of the people and the region, working with the connected university, technology parks and national park system, as well as other economic drivers.

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The International Institute for Innovation is in Patagonia, and focuses on problems that face Patagonia, looking for practical solutions that can be commercialized.

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Though based in Patagonia, the Institute exists for all of Chile, developing Chilean solutions to Chilean issues that can be fielded nationwide.

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Chilean solutions in many fields — agriculture, aquaculture, emergency response, natural resources — can solve problems and be viable commercial solutions worldwide.

Industrial Internet

The Institute applies the Internet of Things (specifically, Industrial Internet solutions) to world-class problems, taking advantage of the common pattern of integrating data from thousands or millions of sensors, performing predictive big-data analysis, and delivering visualization and decision support as well as actuator control in real-time.

Environmental Solutions

The Institute develops solutions for problems for environmental issues in Patagonia that are faced elsewhere in Chile and all over the world, to sustainable natural resource exploitation (bioprospection), energy production & distribution, air & water quality and agriculture/aquacultural efficiency as well as emergency response.

International Cooperation

The Institute brings together a core of professional investigators and innovators, and invites participation on a temporary/sabbatical basis by industrial and academic experts worldwide who want to participate in Patagonia’s natural laboratory environment

Collaboration and Community

The Institute collaborates, and constantly seeks further collaboration, with existing scientific research organizations both inside and outside Patagonia, and depends heavily on close cooperation with the community.

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